Ricos Gregoriou


One of my great passion in life is music, cause i feel free to improvise and express myself.

I grew up in Limassol,Cyprus, i studied music, and i still work as a musician.

As an artist i wanted to explore also other ways to express my feelings and be creative. So in 1990 i purchase my first 35mm camera and i started to taking landscapes as my hobby.

Now photography became my second medium of choice for my creative expression.

I am a member of Cyprus Photographic Society and i participate in local, international contests and exhibitions.

I shoot various photographic themes and i am interested to show the artistic perception of each theme.

Since 2014 i am participating in a lot of international competitions of photography under the patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de L’Art Photografique )and PSA (Photographic Society of America).

I got many international awards and distinctions through these years. I am honored to have the titles of AFIAP – EFIAP – EFIAP/BRONZE -AHPS- EHPS – HON.PESGSPC and GPA.PESGSPC.

In 2018 i was awarded as the best Cypriot photographer in Monochrome section of pancyprian competition.

In 2019 i was awarded as the best Cypriot photographer in all themes in the Cyprus international competition.

The same year i was given the title of  Silver Ambassador of Cyprus photography in the  Apollon international competition of Greece.

Since January of 2019 i was awarded with more than 130 international awards in photography from all over the world.

My works have been printed and exhibited throughout the world.

I spend much of my time seeking the next perfect shot. I approach each event and each session with attention, honesty, and love. I put my heart and soul into my work, and i believe that it shows in my photographs.