Klea Kyprianou


Klea Kyprianou was born in Cyprus. She studied Legal Science first and later Social Theology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. For many years she lived in Athens with her family but now she has returned to Cyprus. Photography has always been her passion, in recent years she has made photography courses and she is very much involved in this art. She is a member of the Cyprus Photographic Society and recently she became a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society.​ In 2015 she had been honoured with the AFIAP distinction, from F.I.A.P., (The International Federation of Photographic Art),​ ​ in 2016 with the EFIAP, in  2017 with the AHPS and EHPS​ from H.P.S. of Greece and in 2018 with the EFIAP/B from F.I.A.P..​ She has also been honoured with the distinctions HON.PESGSPC and GPA.PESGSPC from Cyprus ​and these days she is waiting to be awarded with the EFIAP/S​ distinction from F.I.A.P.​ (in November 2019).