Nandan Hegde


I am from a small village called Kilar (Uttara Kannada district), Karnataka, close to Western Ghats of India and 5kms from world famous Jog falls. I work as a Mechanical Engineer at Schneider Electric.

My love towards photography started when I was doing my bachelor’s degree. The beauty of nature around my house made me to take up photography as a hobby. I started my photography through mobile phone by clicking insects, flies and flowers. Then I took my cousin’s point and shoot camera and attended basic photography workshop at Sagar Photographic Society where I got inspired by veteran photographers like K S Rajaram and A G Laksmhinarayan. In 2015 I bought my first basic DSLR camera.

In 2016 I joined Youth Photographic Society, Bangalore one of the oldest and prestigious photography club in India where I met many great photographers and learnt, updated my photography skills. Then I started shooting more into Fine Art photography. In October 2018 I started my salon journey. So far, I have got 250 plus acceptances and exhibited across 12 countries.

This is my first distinction. I am grateful for the support from the Youth Photographic Society and all the senior photographers.