Krishnandu Sarkar


Krishnandu Sarkar, a software engineer by profession, started his journey of photography as a passion. Being a travel photographer his works display the stories of people, places and different shades of nature. He has a strong affinity in capturing landscapes and the moods of the places. Being a self-taught photographer, he has gradually gained knowledge over fashion and portrait shoot and the play of lights and shadows over due course of time. In present days his artworks disperse over multiple styles and areas of photography, from creative fashion portrait to travel and nature photography. He participated in many national and international photography contests and received various awards for his works which helped him to thrive as a better Photographer.

He achieved AFIP distinction from Federation of Indian Photography this year and also felicitated with the Honourary Fellowship for his outstanding contribution in international art photography by Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club, in Cyprus.