Marian Plaino


I was born in 1974 in Bucharest, Romania. I started to play with photography in 1997 while being a student, first as a passionate traveler, then at school as a Math teacher, playing with my pupils, and step by step, as a business man, as me and my wife have developed a souvenir factory based on my photos. After some time, I have decided to take this play more seriously, so I have experienced my photographic curiosity into more fields: portraits, events, countryside life, street life. I think my passion remains real life capture, so I travel a lot to discover it all over the world in different cultures. I like to try new techniques, to be creative, searching the right moment and light and not arrange it.
Since 2018 I joined Varadinum Foto Club, Oradea, Romania
This year I was invited to be member of juree at 5th Balkan Exhibition 2020 and 13th International Photographic Salon Varna 2020
Collection for distinction c*** Master of Light

From c Master of Light to c*** Master of Light